7148. Sustainability Check of Inception Report Water for Lakes State

The Dutch Sustainability Unit (DSU), in collaboration with the Gender Resource Facility (GRF), received a request from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Juba, South Sudan, to review the Inception Report "Water for Lakes State" in South Sudan.

Advisory reports and other documents

10 Dec 2014: Advisory review

SU07-61 Advice

Significant details

The DSU provided suggestions for better integration of environment, climate change and gender equality aspects in the Inception Report, including suggestions for sustainability indicators for Monitoring and Evaluation.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

mr N.J. Bech
ms C.L.M. Bentvelsen
ms S.P.W. Ivens

Technical secretary: ms I.A. Steinhauer

Component authority
Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Further details


Water management
Climate change
Monitoring and evaluation
11 environmental assessment

Country/region/theme: South Sudan

Last modified: 02 Jan 2018