7151. Rio Marker Screening of PSD Programmes

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS/DDE) asked the DSU to analyse the portfolio of private sector development (PSD) programmes on their contribution to climate change adaptation/mitigation. The aim was to advise on Rio Marker scores for each programme and to make recommendations for increasing the climate contribution of these programmes. 

Significant details

The DSU selected a sample of 23 PSD programmes and performed an analysis of programme documentation. Following the OECD-DAC methodology, it advised on a Rio Marker for each of the programmes. These Rio Markers indicate which part of the programme budget can be counted as 'climate contribution'.

The results were presented in an advisory report and in a plenary staff session of DDE.

Parties involved

Technical secretary: mr S.G. Nooteboom

Further details


Climate change
Monitoring and evaluation

Country/region/theme: Netherlands

Last modified: 06 Nov 2018