7157. Advice Potential for Sustainable Development of the Sounda Gorge Hydropower Project

Upon request of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), the Dutch Sustainability Unit analysed to what extent and under which conditions the Sounda Gorge Hydroelectric Dam Project Proposal can contribute to sustainable development in Congo Brazzaville. Additionally, the DSU was asked to comment on the possible replicability of the approach to assess the potential sustainability of the project.

Advisory reports and other documents

19 Feb 2015: Advisory review

SU15-64 advice

Significant details

The project concerns a transformational renewable energy project to be located on the Kouilou River. The DSU concluded that the MFA can secure sustainable development by:

  • setting benchmarks on each of the sustainability factors mentioned in the present advisory report;

  • obtaining a reasonable level of security that a project alternative is developed and approved that meets these benchmarks.


Parties involved

Technical secretary: mr R.A.M. Post

Further details


Energy (renewable)

Country/region/theme: Congo

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