7199. Better decision-making about large dams with a view to sustainable development

Upon request of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) has analysed trends in the context of large dam proposals and their implications for the effectiveness of the current dam planning and asssessment systems. Based on this analysis, the NCEA has developed options for donors to improve the quality of these processes, so that these may contribute more to sustainable development. DGIS has also requested the NCEA to submit views to a public consultation done by development bank FMO on this topic. The NCEA has based its analysis of this dynamical topic on input from international experts and on literature.    

Advisory reports and other documents

11 Nov 2016: Other

DSU Letter to FMO Stakeholder Consultation Hydropower

22 Dec 2016: Advisory review

Advice on better decision-making about large dams

01 Jun 2017: Advisory review

2nd edition Advice on better decision-making about large dams

Significant details

After publication of the first version, the NCEA decided that some parts of the advice were unnecessarily suggestive and needed rewording without changing the nature of the advice. To that end a second edition of the advice has been published. Users are therefore requested to refer the second edition, as it is clearer.

Parties involved

Members of the working group

mr C. Arnould
mr J.G. Grijsen
mr J. Hartmann
ms D. Joshi
mr A. Keizer
mr J.J. Kessler
mr J.R.J. Mercier
mr R. Robelus
mr J. Skinner

Technical secretary: mr S.G. Nooteboom

Further details


04 climate change
08 economical aspects
10 energy (renewable)
11 environmental assessment
35 sustainable development

Last modified: 29 Jan 2018